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Kenneth A. Krumins, MD specializes in Arthroscopic and Reconstructive Knee Surgery, Sports Medicine, Minimally Invasive Knee Joint Replacement and Lower Extremity Trauma. He has been the head team physician for the University of Central Florida (UCF) Golden Knights since 2002. He is also the medical director of the sports medicine program at UCF and is an Associate Clinical Professor at Florida State University, School of Medicine. He was selected as Sports Medicine Person of the Year for 2005 by the Athletic Trainers Association of Florida.

Kenneth A. Krumins, MD was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and moved to the Central Florida area in 1996. In his free time, on a windy Sunday afternoon, you can find him reeling in a prize fish on his boat.

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Meet Dr.Krumins

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Dr. Krumins Featured in Orlando Magazine

Dr. Kenneth Krumins

"When meeting with Dr. Kenneth Krumins, you can instantly identify with his passion to do great work. 'You must love what you do, and nothing is more rewarding than seeing my patients feeling great and getting back to their active lifestyle.' As a knee specialist, he performs minimally invasive knee replacement using quad-sparing approach, TKA revisions, ACL reconstruction, arthroscopy, and robotic arm assisted surgeries as well as treatment of lower extremity trauma. "

Inside the Operating Room for a Meniscus Repair Surgery

Orthopedic Services & Treatments in Orlando Include:

  • Conservative Treatment of All Knee Disorders
  • Sports Medicine (lower extremity)
  • Arthroscopic and Reconstructive Knee Surgery
  • Lower Extremity Trauma
  • Robotic Partial Knee Replacement
  • Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement
  • Revision Total Knee Replacement
  • Testimonials

    GySgt C.
    “After completing 20 years of service in the US Marine Corps; I retired on June 30,2011. Only 2 weeks into my retirement I ruptured my achilles tendon. I met with Dr. Krumins immediately and he recommended surgery. Within 4 months I was walking and within 6 months I began jogging. As a Veteran I am honored to have met such a professional and honorable man. Thank you Dr. Krumins for your excellence, it has truly impacted my Quality of life. Semper Fi!”
    Pamela T.
    “I just want to thank Dr. Krumins for the amazing work he did on my ACL reconstruction. The picture shows me completing my first Half-Marathon a year after surgery just this past weekend (Feb. 2013). I couldn't have done it without Dr. Krumins and his team of caring and professional staff. Thank you so much for returning my wings so I can fly! You all rock!! :)”
    Ruth K.
    “I am 82 yr old and had a left total knee replacement in Oct 2011. I followed Dr. Krumins and the physical therapist's instructions, recovered very quickly with not much pain. By January 2012, I could join a senior aerobics class at my fitness center. In April 2012, I had the right knee replacement with the same results. I am totally pain free and have gained full motion in both knees. Walk, walk, walk was Dr.Krumins advice and I try to follow it. I consider Dr. Krumins a very skilled surgeon and compassionate physician. He is surely the best for this type of surgery and recommend him highly.”

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    About Dr. Krumins's Technique

    Minimally Invasive to Minimize pain and Maximize gain.

    If knee pain is slowing you down, you don’t have to give up your active lifestyle. Did you know the fastest growing age group for joint replacements is patients between ages 45 to 55? Advancements in minimally invasive surgery are a big reason why.

    Dr. Krumins's utilizes what’s called the “quad-sparing technique” for total knee replacement, which eliminates the need to cut the quadriceps tendon so it's what he doesn't cut that makes a difference. Dr. Krumins specializes in "quad-sparing" total knee and partial knee replacement, also computer-assisted Mako partial knee replacement. His expertise includes complex joint reconstruction, revision joint replacement, fracture surgery and non-operative treatment of knee disorders.

    “Everything I do is with one goal in mind,” he says, “and that’s to help my patients get back to their busy lives as soon as possible. In fact, some of my patients are able to go home the same day.” One of the Orlando's most experienced minimally invasive knee joint replacement surgeons, Dr. Krumins has been honored as one of the “Orlando's Top Docs" by Orlando Magazine for the last five years.